The EGL WIN Alliance,

The EGL WIN Alliance is a private community of women, dedicated to the mission of partnering, promoting and positioning themselves as well as their fellow woman for economic, educational, executive and entrepreneurial advancement through networking and investing.

Women of like minds will gather annually in order to teach one another new business skills, exchange resources, share investment opportunities and have discussion on how we can surmount the challenges women of color face when in the workplace or the marketplace. Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or running your own business, the WIN alliance is beneficial for aiding in your personal and professional growth.

Everything Girls Love LLC. is driven by the mantra, “Being superhuman may not be possible but being the best ‘you’ is achievable”; however sisterhood is a vital component to this achievement. The EGL WIN Alliance is also designed to be a support group of women who are like minded and connected in their vision for total success. Total success meaning that we no longer fall for the propaganda which suggests that we have to choose between our careers and our families or that we can only WIN if one of us fails.

In 2016 it was discovered that Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. And according to the State of Women-Owned Business Report, women of color comprise 44% of all women-owned businesses. What this data proves is that black and brown women want to and can lead.

If this nation were a car, women would be the fuel and the engine too; because not only are we the source of power, but we are the machine that transforms power into motion. In most arena’s, black and brown women are the brain and the brawn. We have exceeded expectations and defied logic. We have arrived.

The women of EGL believe that we are on the path to becoming the leaders of this nation. With examples like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Debra Lee; it is it is clear that the intellect, business savvy and the ‘get it done’ nature of black and brown women is paramount to all other groups of people. By aligning with one another and supporting one another in a real way, we can advance our business and economic goals. We can all WIN, together!


The EGL WIN Alliance believes that there are three important characteristics a woman should possess

*Innovation & Achievement in respective industry or career
*Initiative in supporting other women
*Involvement in the community

Those who have demonstrated these three characteristics would qualify to join the EGL WIN Alliance.


In all groups where there is wealth and economic growth, there is also a barter system, a network for sharing, trading services and telling industry secrets; the WIN network will provide this opportunity.

Members of the WIN Alliance are encouraged to actively promote and support other WIN Alliance member’s initiatives and professional endeavors by doing any of the following:

*Provide a SERVICE to a WIN Alliance member
*Teach a workshop at a WIN Alliance event
*Attend a WIN Alliance Members event
*Provide resources or service REFERRALS to a WIN Alliance member


The WIN Alliance is an invitation only community, however the community thrives off of a referral system. Each year the current WIN members will be asked to invite a fixed number of women to the EGL WIN Alliance and upon the boards review and approval, the referral will receive an invitation to the Annual WIN Alliance Conference.


The EGL WIN Alliance Conference is an annual conference to bring all of the WIN Alliance members together for the purpose of educating, networking, sharing and socializing with one another. The conference brings all of the WIN Alliances under one roof so that we can strategize on breaking barriers, building up other women and blowing up stereotypes.

We ask you to join us in congregating for the benefit of our brands, our businesses and our overall betterment. Become an EGL WIN-er.

We are excited to have you within our network and hope you accept this invitation. Please confirm your registration early, to ensure that you are able to join us.


Please email Cymil at with any questions or conflicts you may have.

With Love,
The WIN Team

P.S. If you have any women in your network whom could add value to and benefit from the WIN network please submit their names, titles and emails in the contact form for consideration